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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Halloween Costume

This year I was contemplating for a long time what I wanted to be for Halloween and for some reason it's one of the toughest decisions a person has to make especially for me. I asked my hubby for some advice so we went to a Army Navy store and purchased some patches he wanted to get and then all of a sudden.."Ding Ding" I got the perfect idea..why not be "Maverick" from Top Gun.

I know its not sexy and very unlike a female to dress up so casual but I thought it would be I brought a army green flight suit and some patches and a pin. I wanted to make this look as official as can be..The only downer was the aviator glasses which I didn't get and opted for goggles instead which I didn't even get to wear cause it was going to mess up my hair lol.

Although my plans were changed I still went out with my sister and had a good time..The pics are posted above I hope you like it. Please leave your thoughts below :)