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Monday, December 26, 2011

My "Lucky" Christmas Eve Outfit

Happy Holidays Everyone! This past weekend was Christmas Eve and Christmas day and I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family. Here is what I was wearing for the festivities lol. My red/burgendy sweater was purchased at Lucky 21 which is a store that is near my house. They have so many amazing clothes there and I am usually in there for all things fashion. My long black earrings were also purchased at Lucky 21 as well, being that these earrings were so long I decided to wear my hair up in a very messy bun which actually worked and loved the way it came out! I wore regular blue denim jeans and the boots I have on are also from Lucky 21 they were actually a early Christmas gift from my parents..I LOVE them and the way they look on me lol..I call them my Kardashian boots because Kim is known to wear boots like these alot.

I just realized that while writing this post that my entire outfit came from Lucky 21 New York lol.. I did purchase everything myself and the boots were gifted to me by my parents just to get that out there. I really enjoyed myself this weekend and I hope you did too.

If you live in the New York City Area please check out Lucky 21 New York Facebook Page Here

Happy Holidays to you and your family! Stay tuned for a New Years Eve Outfit Post coming next week!! XOXO
~Moon Love

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Halloween Costume

This year I was contemplating for a long time what I wanted to be for Halloween and for some reason it's one of the toughest decisions a person has to make especially for me. I asked my hubby for some advice so we went to a Army Navy store and purchased some patches he wanted to get and then all of a sudden.."Ding Ding" I got the perfect idea..why not be "Maverick" from Top Gun.

I know its not sexy and very unlike a female to dress up so casual but I thought it would be I brought a army green flight suit and some patches and a pin. I wanted to make this look as official as can be..The only downer was the aviator glasses which I didn't get and opted for goggles instead which I didn't even get to wear cause it was going to mess up my hair lol.

Although my plans were changed I still went out with my sister and had a good time..The pics are posted above I hope you like it. Please leave your thoughts below :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeanette's Closet Mini Haul

A few weeks ago "Jeanette's Closet" sent me a gift and I was really surprised because I wasn't expecting anything in the mail. When I opened the package I had found this beautiful black one shoulder dress with a knitted sleeve. When I tried it on if was just perfect and comfortable and can totally see myself wearing this dress for New Years Eve with just the right blinged out accessories.

The next item I found was a beautiful vintage owl necklace, which I love because owl jewelry is so in right now and you can basically wear it with a nice crisp button down blouse with some jeans and heels or a spectacular can wear it to work or a day out with the girls.

The next and final item in my package was a beautiful pink dog tag that says "I fight like a girl" which was made for breast cancer awareness month. As you can see in the photos above its really feminine and "PINK" I love it so much especially that it came with a Breast Cancer Awareness Pin.

Thank you so much to Jeanettes Closet for the lovely gift..I cant wait to show off the dress. The pictures were taken by my mommy and she was making "Ohhhh Sexy" noices lol...

If you would like to purchase anything from this blog post or want to check out Jeanette's Closet then go to her facebook page by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog...Tons and Tons of Moon Love <3

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Years Halloween Costume

Hey Dolls! So Halloween is upon us soon actually in just a few weeks and I know I am excited since I am attending one of my good friends Halloween Bash. Last year she threw the same party and my costume was of Kim Karda-She-Aint lol.

I love Kim Kardashian and I really wanted to be something pretty yet still be warm since the party was outdoors. The Jacket Im wearing was a gift from my mother in law its a Ralph Lauren Ruffled Jacket in Black Suede, The Shirt was a brownish jeweled blouse that I purchased at 579 for about $5.99 and the pants were my liquid leggings that I wore below at the MBFW! Lets talk about the love these shoes and they are so comfortable..I brought these at PAYLESS by Christian Siriano..these was his first collection he did when he joined the designer by Payless stage..The shoes are black with gold sparkle glitter all over the heel..these were $39.99.

I do have a faux booty lol..It was a padded underwear which I brought for the party only I do not wear this on the regular lol and I padded it some more with fabric. I really hope you enjoyed this post as to what I was last year for Halloween. I don't mind being inspired by a celebrity but the best thing about this costume was I could wear it over and over again to any occasion since it was regular clothing.

Have a fabulous Halloween and I cant wait to hear what you all will be in the next few weeks..I cant wait to share with you my costume for this year!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week OOTD

Last month, I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I cant begin to tell you how fabulous it was. This was my 2nd time attending. Here I am sharing with you 2 photos one from last year and one from this year. Last year I wore a blazer with a jeweled t-shirt underneath, jeans and my knee high riding boots. The blazer is from Zara's, the shirt I purchased at a store called 579 for about $7.99 and the jeans were about $9.99 no brand name, the boots were from a store in the Bronx "Zodiac" I paid about $27.99 on them.

The second outfit which I wore last month was something more on the chic fashionista kind of look, the blouse was a gift from my mother a beige button down blouse with a light sheer striped pattern, the tights were a faux leather that brought last year for Halloween lol...I was Kim Kardash-sheaint lol..if you guys want to see the costume I put together from last year let me know in the comments below. The shoes...Ahhh the shoes...I love these booties..I purchased these at the Staten Island Mall in a store call "Traffic" these shoes came out to about $15.00 I was on the back and forth with these shoes but at the very end they came home with me.

If there is anything you would like to see as far as looks or tips please let me know and I will be more then happy to answer your comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and be apart of my new love.
~Moon Love

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scary Brew Limited Edition Halloween Shirt By Javaboi Industries

‎1...2..Scary Brew is coming for you...3....4..better open your closet doors....5...6..get your caffeine fix....7.....8...will make you stay awake..9...10..wont ever come again..Limited Edition Baby!

Javaboi Industries just came out with their limited edition Halloween shirt..this shirt will not come again after its last shirt is purchased..wanna know a little secret...come closer...a bit closer..ok..ready? If you purchase the "Scary Brew" there is a possibility you might find a little extra surprise in there for you.. ;) If your a coffee lover like I am your going to love Javaboi Industries, know dont get it twisted..they brew smiles not coffee.. with the variety of shirts they have Im sure you will find one to your loving!

The "Scary Brew" Shirt is on sale now on their website for just $24.00 so hurry and get yours today, only 24 have been made, 24 men shirts and 24 for women. I am so happy to be apart of such a awesome company..Eric who is the CEO of Javaboi Industries is the coolest person in the world always showing love to his supporters. I can only wish him success and happiness but the man is doing his thing and it wont be far that his brand becomes a fortune 500 company!

In case you didnt know...Im a Javaboi Girl and Proud Of It! :)

Purchase your "Scary Brew" shirt or any other Javaboi shirt here

Birthday Girl Dress Code

I had such an amazing time for my birthday weekend! July 15-16 will a weekend I shall never forget! I wanted to make this blog post short and sweet so you dolls can see the outfits I wore that weekend.

1. The first outfit is the day of 7/15 ~ I wore a white and black flowy top from 5.7.9 store, the jeans were $9.99 at a regular clothing store from my block and the shoes were from 5.7.9 as well I believe I paid $14.99 for them. I went out with my friends to Sequoias at South Street Seaport for drinks :)

2. The second outfit was on 7/16 ~ I went with my best friends to a ladies picnic at Central Park. It was so nice the picture here is at the Castle by the Great Lawn in Central Park. I am wearing a beige racer back tank top from Get Ready I paid about $2.99, the yellow skirt which I LOVE i purchase for $7.99 from Lucky 21 and the brown sandals I also purchased at Lucky 21 for about $9.99.

3. The 3rd and final outfit of my birthday weekend was the night of 7/16 ~ I went to the Dubai Lounge with my closet friends and Family. This dress was purchase at GoJane I LOVE this dress and there customer service was just amazing. This was a asymmetrical leopard dress that I purchased for $14.99 plus shipping came out to an even $20.00 :) the shoes are my gold glitter pumps from Steve Madden.

I had a fabulous time and I loved every outfit I wore. is one of my favorite online stores be sure to check them out for afforadable clothes and shoes.


Have You Been Inside Jeanette's Closet?

Are you a fashionista? a lover of amazing accessories? Maybe your a handbag maven? what ever is your preference I am sure you will LOVE Jeanette's Closet. Jeanette has everything you could possibly want when it comes to makeup and fashion. Her facebook page displays her incredible inventory and much much more.

As a promoter for Jeanette's Closet I will be letting you guys know the 411 on deals and contest but you have to go to facebook right now and like her page. I won a bid on a dress about a month ago from "Tap Out" for as low at $10.25 how amazing is that?! I posted a photo of the dress above :)

COMING SOON! Store TO ORDER Please Email:

Please come on over to Jeanette's Closet to learn all the latest trends and find the greatest deals you wont find anywhere else. Jeanette is such a sweetheart and my other lovely promoters are just divine!

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Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfit of the day

Hey Dolls, Hope all is well so for the past couple of days I have been thinking of some upcoming things I can do to my blog that can catch the attention of my fabulous ladies on here. I find Kim Kardashian to be such a fascinating person and stylish as well she is officially my style icon, we are the same height you know "SHORT" lol.

I had recently read a magazine where Kim was featured wearing the most adorable black and white maxi dress and I wanted to so replicate this look but at a more affordable price range. I think I did it because as I was shopping for my past Florida trip I found almost the same exact dress in a store called "Payhalf" for $14.99 the purse I am carrying is Mulberry for Target which came out to $39.99 alot cheaper then the $10,000 Berkin bag she was wearing that day. I hope you like the way the recreation came to be. Comments and opinions of this look would be appreciated. If you like this kind of post where I can recreate a celebrity look for a more reasonable price range please let me know and I will do just that!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!! FNO 2011 is tomorrow are you attending? Where will you be going to celebrate and shop? Any Celebrities your looking forward to seeing? Would love to know what you all have planned. Much Moon Love from me <3