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Thursday, July 25, 2013

This dress is 50 years old

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past May and we celebrated their anniversary with a wedding renewal and a party with close family and friends. I cant begin to tell you the headache I got trying to find the perfect dress for that day. My mom and I were cleaning one day and she pulls of a gorgeous dress and shows it to me..She then goes to explain how this dress was the very dress my dad surprised her with one week before she was to go meet his mother for the very first time before they married. It was like fireworks exploded because I knew I had to wear this dress for the wedding renewal. The very next day I sneaked into my moms closet, took the dress and tried it on..O.K. My mom was very petite lol but I was determined as ever to get this dress to fit so I ate right, exercised and one month later the dress fit!
A week before the actual renewal I really wanted to do a pin up look with the dress which I did and I wanted to get some fabulous shoes..In one day I went to 3 malls in 3 boroughs looking for the perfect shoes and I did in Forever21, a pair of colbalt blue open toe heels. The day of the renewal I got ready and called my mom to my bedroom and showed her my outfit, My mother was in tears and was so happy. I was so excited to have done this for her..To think I had on a 50 year old dress that belonged to my mom before my parents were married!

Here is the photo of me wearing the dress the day of the renewal.