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Monday, January 2, 2012

Greetings 2012 Outfit Of The Night

Happy New Year! Here is my very first blog post of 2012 and I wanted to share my outfit that I wore to receive 2012 with open arms.

Lets start with the Blazer which was a basic black blazer from Zaras, underneath that I wore a beige shirt from 5.7.9 and the tights which were really funky had little faux leather patches on them and finally the shoes...Ahh the beautiful shoes lol..They are the gold glitter pumps from Steve Madden which I love so so much!

Accessories were some gold hoops, A gold Fleur Di Lis Necklace which was a gift from my boyfriend and a turquoise Fleur Di Lis Bracelet from Supergirllushes Minerals. I wanted a classy look with a bit of a twist which is why I just loved these gave it such an unexpected turn to a classic suit look.

May you all have a blessed 2012 and may wishes come true and fashion love grow! <3

~Moon Love

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