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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scary Brew Limited Edition Halloween Shirt By Javaboi Industries

‎1...2..Scary Brew is coming for you...3....4..better open your closet doors....5...6..get your caffeine fix....7.....8...will make you stay awake..9...10..wont ever come again..Limited Edition Baby!

Javaboi Industries just came out with their limited edition Halloween shirt..this shirt will not come again after its last shirt is purchased..wanna know a little secret...come closer...a bit closer..ok..ready? If you purchase the "Scary Brew" there is a possibility you might find a little extra surprise in there for you.. ;) If your a coffee lover like I am your going to love Javaboi Industries, know dont get it twisted..they brew smiles not coffee.. with the variety of shirts they have Im sure you will find one to your loving!

The "Scary Brew" Shirt is on sale now on their website for just $24.00 so hurry and get yours today, only 24 have been made, 24 men shirts and 24 for women. I am so happy to be apart of such a awesome company..Eric who is the CEO of Javaboi Industries is the coolest person in the world always showing love to his supporters. I can only wish him success and happiness but the man is doing his thing and it wont be far that his brand becomes a fortune 500 company!

In case you didnt know...Im a Javaboi Girl and Proud Of It! :)

Purchase your "Scary Brew" shirt or any other Javaboi shirt here

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