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Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Years Halloween Costume

Hey Dolls! So Halloween is upon us soon actually in just a few weeks and I know I am excited since I am attending one of my good friends Halloween Bash. Last year she threw the same party and my costume was of Kim Karda-She-Aint lol.

I love Kim Kardashian and I really wanted to be something pretty yet still be warm since the party was outdoors. The Jacket Im wearing was a gift from my mother in law its a Ralph Lauren Ruffled Jacket in Black Suede, The Shirt was a brownish jeweled blouse that I purchased at 579 for about $5.99 and the pants were my liquid leggings that I wore below at the MBFW! Lets talk about the love these shoes and they are so comfortable..I brought these at PAYLESS by Christian Siriano..these was his first collection he did when he joined the designer by Payless stage..The shoes are black with gold sparkle glitter all over the heel..these were $39.99.

I do have a faux booty lol..It was a padded underwear which I brought for the party only I do not wear this on the regular lol and I padded it some more with fabric. I really hope you enjoyed this post as to what I was last year for Halloween. I don't mind being inspired by a celebrity but the best thing about this costume was I could wear it over and over again to any occasion since it was regular clothing.

Have a fabulous Halloween and I cant wait to hear what you all will be in the next few weeks..I cant wait to share with you my costume for this year!


  1. haha I was like holy crap big booty! haha then kept reading and was like Ohhhhhhh bahaha wow great prices there lady! I wish I could find good prices like that here! so jealous! haha

  2. HA HA! Girl you just have to look around what I learned is the best peices you can get for a good price is on an alter season, such as if you want nice affordable winter clothes buy them during the summer, and vise versa for summer clothes in the winter..the stores try to make room for new inventory so they sell them at a good price. Thanks for the support and let me know if there is anything you want to see here XOX

  3. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥