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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfit of the day

Hey Dolls, Hope all is well so for the past couple of days I have been thinking of some upcoming things I can do to my blog that can catch the attention of my fabulous ladies on here. I find Kim Kardashian to be such a fascinating person and stylish as well she is officially my style icon, we are the same height you know "SHORT" lol.

I had recently read a magazine where Kim was featured wearing the most adorable black and white maxi dress and I wanted to so replicate this look but at a more affordable price range. I think I did it because as I was shopping for my past Florida trip I found almost the same exact dress in a store called "Payhalf" for $14.99 the purse I am carrying is Mulberry for Target which came out to $39.99 alot cheaper then the $10,000 Berkin bag she was wearing that day. I hope you like the way the recreation came to be. Comments and opinions of this look would be appreciated. If you like this kind of post where I can recreate a celebrity look for a more reasonable price range please let me know and I will do just that!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!! FNO 2011 is tomorrow are you attending? Where will you be going to celebrate and shop? Any Celebrities your looking forward to seeing? Would love to know what you all have planned. Much Moon Love from me <3


  1. This is a really nice look! <3 People don't realize that they can replicate celebrity styles so easily it just takes some looking! :-) Great post! <3

  2. Thanks Mamas! Ive seen her in this dress a few times but I love that she had her hair up since she always has it down..Thanks for checking out my new blog XO